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  M.J. Jones

Black Star published in 2020 is a science fiction novel by American author M.J. Jones. Black Star is her debut novel and the first book in The Black Star Trilogy.  

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she is the second oldest and only girl in a family of boys. She has written many works such as poems and short stories but never had the courage to publish her work until a push from her teenage daughter.

A Black Star is a supernova; an exploding star.   Some people believe that when it dies, it disappears.
Yet in reality it shines through the darkness…
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Black Star

by M.J. Jones

Black Star Eclipsed

by M.J. Jones

Black Star Rising

by M.J. Jones


I was on the edge of my seat and could not put the book down. Vivid, emotional, complex and great writing. I am a fan.

M. Sarluca

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